Closure of the Cambridge English Examinations Centre, Bern

The current disruption resulting from the Coronavirus has caused enormous personal, professional and economic difficulties for us all. We at the Cambridge English Examinations Centre, Bern have done our utmost to fulfil obligations to candidates and schools during these past weeks and have carried out all written and oral examinations up to and including Saturday, 14 March 2020.

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that the Cambridge English Examinations Centre, Bern is ceasing business with immediate effect and will no longer be able to accept any registrations for future examinations.

Over many years we have valued working together with you, your staff and your students. All our efforts have been focussed on providing professional support and services towards the achievement of a successful outcome for candidates in the examinations. We hope you will agree that we have fulfilled these commitments.

We would like to refer you to our partner Centres for Summer registrations.

We will be sending you information regarding refunds for your fees in a separate email during the next few days.

I am enormously grateful for your personal and business collaboration and wish you and your students the very best for the future.

Anne Gruaz

To all schools and candidates wishing to register for Cambridge exams.

We have received offers of help for our clients from the following centres:

Basel –

Geneva –

St. Gallen -

Valais & Vaud East -

Vaud West – Lausanne -

We have accepted their offer of help for you and would ask you to contact one of the above centres for any future registrations.

All candidates and schools that have paid Cambridge English Exams Centre Bern for exams scheduled between 15.03.2020 and 31.12.2020 will receive a full refund.

To claim your refund please fill out one of the forms below and return it to immediately.

It is not possible for us to transfer your fee to another exams centre.

Thank you for your patience while we process the refunds.




Erweiterte Zertifizierung

Die erweiterte Zertifizierung gilt in zwei Anwendungsfällen: Kandidaten mit besonders guten Prüfungsergebnissen erhalten die Credits einer höheren GER (CEFR)-Stufe. Ebenso können Kandidaten bei Nichtbestehen dennoch ein Zertifikat für die erreichte GER-Stufe erhalten.

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Die Diplome werden von Cambridge Assessment English (U.K.) ausgestellt. Sie werden Eingeschrieben den Schulen, die die Anmeldungen ausgeführt haben, oder den individuellen Kandidaten/innen ungefähr 3 Monate nach Ende der Prüfungssession zugestellt.


Cambridge Assessment English gibt nur in Ausnahmefällen Ersatzdiplome ab. Bitte prüfen Sie, ob Sie die entsprechenden Bedingungen erfüllen.

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Weltweite Anerkennung: Online-Datenbank

Die Cambridge English Qualifikationen werden weltweit anerkannt. Was auch immer Ihre Ziele und Wünsche sein mögen, Cambridge English ist ein Zeichen für Exzellenz und unterstützt Sie auf dem Weg zum Erfolg. Weitere Details zur Anerkennung der Diplome finden Sie in unserer Online-Datenbank.

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