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The Cambridge English Scale is a single range of scores that is used to report results for Cambridge English exams.

Results are issued online:
  • Paper-based exams: 4-6 weeks after the written exam
  • Computer-based exams: 2-3 weeks after the written exam

Candidates must register on the online Candidate Website
  • Candidates will receive an ID number and Secret number on their Confirmation of Entry /Timetable to enable them to register.
  • Candidates registered for the results service will be notified by email as soon as results are released.
  • It is important to save the Statement of Results for future use.
  • How to Register and Login for Candidates - link to pdf as shown folder

Results Online - for Candidates

Schools have access to results via the Preparation Centre website
  • Schools will be notified by email as soon as their candidates' results are beginning to be released.

Results Online - for Schools

Results Enquiries

All available information is already on the candidate’s Statement of Result. No additional feedback is available.

Papers are marked in England and remain the property of Cambridge Assessment English, United Kingdom and under no circumstances are these released to candidates, schools or the exam centre.

Results Enquiries

Enquiries can be made regarding a result. Contact the exam centre no later than 2 weeks after the release of the online results to find out the fees and procedures for Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Important information concerning Stage 1:
Stage 1 - Clerical Re-Check

It is generally limited to checking that marks have been correctly calculated and recorded.

A clerical re-check consists of the following:

  • a re-check that all parts of the script have been marked
  • a re-check that the marks on the scripts have been correctly totalled
  • a re-check that the total mark for each component has been correctly recorded in the computer system
  • a re-check that any examiner adjustments, if applicable, have been correctly applied
  • a re-check on the application of grade thresholds
  • a re-check as to whether any allowances, e.g. special consideration, have been applied

It should be noted that a Stage 1 clerical re-check is NOT a re-marking of the exam papers and that it is extremely rare for such enquiries to lead to a change in the result for the following reasons:

  • The majority of papers in Cambridge English examinations are either machine-marked or clerically-marked with an additional DOUBLE check.
  • Examiner-marked papers are typically marked twice and, in borderline or disputed cases, marked three or four times.
Stage 2 - Re-mark

For further information see:

Enquiries Procedure

Results Verification Service

Candidates can allow future employers, universities or other organisations to verify examination results quickly and securely via the Results Verification Service. Organisations can register themselves on the website. Thereafter when candidates provide their Candidate ID and Secret number, as printed on their Confirmation of Entry and Timetable, the institution can have instant access to verified results.

Scale score converter

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